Historic Tours

Historical Route 
By Surface

Tour Name Season Duration Code
Historical Route By Surface All Seasons 17 days & 16 nights -

The historic route is one of the well-identified circuit taking you mostly through the northern part of the country. History, religion, nature and culture are all packed to give a deep understanding about the country’s back history. Since the program passes through three of the regional states namely the Oromiya, Amhara and Tigray regions it will introduce visitors with different culture, language and UNESCO registered attractions (Axum, Lalibela, Gonder and much more). 

Day 1:

Welcome to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Day 2:

Drive Addis Abeba to Debremarkos on the way visit Debrelibanos Monastery and Blue Nile Gorge.

Day 3:

Debremarkos to Bahirdar.

Day 4:

Boat trip on Lake Tana and drive to the Blue Nile fall.

Day 5:

Drive to Gondar and visit the Castle compound & Debrebirhan Silasse Church.

Day 6:

Drive to Semein Mountains National Park.

Day 7:

Drive to Axum

Day 8:

Visit Axum, Stele Park, Ezana’s inscription  and Queen Sheba’s ruined palace

Day 9:

Drive Axum to Hawzen, on the way visit Yeha temple and Debredamo Monastery.

Day 10:

Visit Ghrealta Churches and drive to Mekele

Day 11:

Drive Mekele to Lalibela

Day 12:

Visit rock hewn churches of Lalibela

Day 13:  

Drive to Kombolcha

Day 14:

Drive Kombolcha to Awash

Day 15:  

Drive Awash to Harar

Day 16:  

Full day in Harar

Day 17:  

Drive back to Addis

Historical Route 
By Flight

Tour Name Season Duration Code
Historical Route By Flight All Seasons 8 days & 7 nights -

This journey will take you to the foremost Ethiopian tourist attractions, and three of these sites are registered by UNESCO as a world heritage sites (Axum, Lalibela, and Gonder). The journey begins from Axum the oldest, historical, holy city with enigmatic stale. Next check out the medieval village of Lalibela and its amazing rock-hewn churches. Fly to Gonder where King Fasilidas and his successors built the mysterious castles. Take a boat ride on Ethiopia’s largest lake to discover its island monasteries and in the end enjoy the sparking water droplets from the magnificent Blue Nile Falls.

Day 01:

Arrival to Addis Ababa  and city tour of the capital.

Day 02:

Fly to Axum.

Day 03:

Fly to Lalibela and visit the 1st group of churches.

Day 04:

Visit the 2nd group of churches and the standing alone church of St. George.

Day 05:

Fly to Gondar &sightseeing

Day 06

Drive to Bahir Dar & make boat trip on Lake Tana.

Day 07

Morning admire the Blue Nile falls.

Day 04

Fly back to Addis Ababa & departure.

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